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Below is a copy of OLD Guestbook entries:

Dave Skillicorn|Just had a quick look at the site, looks very good and brings back a few memories. Devonshire was my first ship out of training as a MEM(M), 72 – 73 did the Far east trip. Could the John Butler on the crew page be one of the twin brothers, an REM and a Stoker that were on there at the same time as me?


Jack Bowler|Served on the Devonshire from October 74-October76 as a jack dusty, got made up to LSA whilst on the Med tour in 76. Did the Odessa trip. Many great memories. Still see my mate Derek Cox who was a deck ape, sorry Seaman, on the Dev, that’s not bad mates for 29 years!! I don’t know if you’ve looked at the Service Pals site but I’ve uploaded some photos of the Dev and her merry crew including some taken in Russia, you may recognise some faces. Terrific site, well thought out and a lot of hard work gone into it, well done Nobby.|


Jimmy Greaves (or shag)|Served on board 1972-1974.Killick RP2 in 3e mess.God it seems so long ago now.Drop me a line if you remember me or were on board at the time.I’m driving trains for a living now,still married to the same woman.Call me..


taff (yanto) cory  one of the gollies|happy memories of her last trip across the pond,especially with the old ark having to do splash target for the ole gannets


Brian Foord. Where are you all? Looking for anyone 72_82, especially the engineering dept. Now living in Thailand.


John Tait. Joined her 7/12/48, first trip to West Indies 12 days of being seasick,CPO Fouracre was in boiler room,I made smoke while leaving dockside got roasted and almost hit by wheel spanner, did next trip to Skandinavia, then final trip to Med,left her Jan 1950.


John Hole|I’m a great nephew of Marine Hole, another of the Marines killed in the accident of 1929, whose graves are now apparantly threatenedI have some information on the accident from the PRO at KEW, which might be of interest. It would be great to link up with any relatives of others involved, so Brian Bergan, or anyone else can contact me via my website – www.holefamily.co.uk/genealogy


Graham Hudson|Hi Everyone! I served on the Devonshire twice 1968 and 1973-76 I was in 3E mess. They called me Rocky(Hudson)Tug Wilson J/Sea is now my brother in law I remember you Shag! Please contact me anyone who remembers me! how could you forget?


Ken Williams (Bungy)|I served on the “D” from 1970to 1973.<br>I had the best years of my naval time on her and the ships company were the best!|| I now live on the Orkney.


Steve (Nick) Carter 3P Mess ’77 to pay off.|First ship out of training,West Indies in company with the old Ark Royal in ’78. Great days. Excellent site, photo’s bring back memories. Anyone who remembers me pls contact. Worked on UHF, Radar, in Reading these days.||
ab(m)Turley2|Great site, brings back many great memories. I was on the Dev with my twin bro Turley1 ( read the gunners section we had a mench ) during her last voyage and what a trip it was.James Coburn and O J Simpson coming down the mess with the boys in Antigua, my brother missed it all the whole trip he was flown home from Antigua with Taff Harding and escorted by grandad Pete Nussey to have a spell in deeks.While i carried on without him. went on to florida and met my first wife with whom i had two children and lived in west palm beach for a number of years before freturning home to Wales. Great site anyone who wants to contact me.


Turley 1|great site have awesome memories of my time on Dev espescialy my oppo’s Jan Hone, Taff Maund, Bungy Williams, Spinks e.t.c keep up the good work. If anyone knows where Taff Harding is give us a clue.


Dave (Titch) Bardsley. 7 Mess 70/73|I served in Devonshire from March 70 to July 73 and I have to say it was the best 3 years of my Naval career.I have managed to track down a few of the “Greenies” that lived in 7 mess on the M1 and would love to hear from more of you that shared that wonderful messdeck. I have several photos of Devonshire and crew and hope to publish them on this site in the near future.A few months ago I wondered into portsmouth museum and found the Beira Bucket hidden away for prosperity,I only have the photos and the memories now of the said bucket. Will publish some dits later, Merry xmas to all Ex Devonshire officers and Ratings. please contact me.


terrymcdaid|served on the dev 1975 1978, LS Missiles,<br>a great ships company,and boy did we have some wild runs ashore,i am a little tamer these days,i am married with 2 children,and work for a cash security firm.i must admit though i do miss the nights out.


Jimmy Green|This is the first seach on the net ever done and it is great to find a page related to one of the best periods of my life. I served on Devonsire from the refit in Pompy in 72 to 74. Does any one remember the photo session of Felicity Devenshire one cold and windy day in November 74?.<br>Or the skipper wedding in Cape Town when he Spliced the main brace and supplied everone with a tot. I joined up just after the tots demise and this was my one and only experiance.<br><br>|1074173017||Ex Yorkshire now Derby.


Jim Leone|June 1978 in Palm Bch, Florida my wife ,Sharon & I visited the ship and actually made a wrong turn and stumbled into 1 Mess and made lifelong friends who we still are in touch with. Dave Prince and Dave Cook are our closest mates. We had such a remarkable time in 1 Mess that we met the ship in Charleston and continued our partying. We’ve been to England twice visiting our friends from 1 mess and it has been a 26 year love affair with the UK.<br><br>We have lost touch with some of our friends like Len Rogers, Nick Cobb, Roger Perry Dave Lewis, Ron Judd, Vic Shane.<br><br>Sharon And I would sure like to hear from you.


Brian mcGeevor ex golly|Helluva website, my first ship out of training. Had a ball, hi to taff cory.<br>Married to George Thomsons sister, he’s still as mad as ever. Hello to Mad Dan had some memorable runs with you big man. All the best to the best!


Jim Leone|I posted a message a couple of days ago. I would like to add the following.<br>My friends in 1 Mess gave Sharon & I a tremendous welcome when we visited them and their families and presented many keepsakes to us which we cherish.<br><br>Dave Prince gave us the Devon & Dorset Regimental ice bucket that was presented to 1 Mess by that Regiment.<br>We also received the brass name plate for 1 Mess off the bulkhead over the entrance to the Mess. We also have the wooden sign proclaiming 1 Mess as “THE CUCKOO’S NEST”, the back signed by all. I served in the USN during the Korean War as was a Second Class Petty Officer, which Dave Cook liked to point out that he thought all American Petty Officers were second class. <br><br>Thanks for everything fellas. We love you.


Jim Worlding|Joined DO2 as a baby stoker in 66 with Stan Sprott, first trip we hit an oil tanker on route to the Keal Canal, then went on to Poland, Finland and Russia and at 16 I was to green to appreciate it. Later in the commossion we were tied up alongside an American Battleship in the Phillipens when our Port boiler blew up at about 0300, the Yanks got a bit nervouse having just come back from Vietnam, when we started the G6’s some 3 hours later the flames that left the aft chimney caused them to abandon ship. O happy days.


Alan Patterson (Mad Dan)|The photo marked Miss 3E Mess is George Helens i think he was 17 and i’m on his left but you can only see part of my blond wig. I olso have that photo along with about 100 others.


Pete (Pop) Radford|I have just found this site and it has brought back a lot of fond memories for a ship and crew that I served with from 1975 to payoff. I left the RN in 1992 after 23 Years, working my way up to the dizzy rank of Able Seaman, helped along the way in several pubs by your good self Nobby and some of your contributors, the Turley Twins and Terry McDaid. How are you all lads, it is good hear about you all. I regard Devonshire as one of the best ships I served on (and there were a few). Since the RN I’ve had a brief spell in the Merch and now work for North East Lincolnshire Council, Housing Department as a Maintenance Inspector. All the best Pete.


Bunny Warren|BZ Nobby – what a fantastic piece of work. Nice to see that all those years of counting blankets paid off! Nice to see some familiar names especially Dad Radford – so the cider didn’t get you after all Pete. There was a reunion held at the Home Club in Jan 2001, very well attended and most ably organised by John Cook (ex Killick Bunting) who now runs a pub up in Co Durham (I’m sure he has a database of those who attended and I have his e-mail address). I’m still serving having cuffed it all the way to Warrant. There are a good few gunners still serving as Warrants – Paul Spinks, Paul Mounsor, Bill Armitage, Kev Williams (WOMAA) to mention a few. Taff Cory – nice to see you’re alive and kicking – how about coming to the Golly reunion this year ? Once again well done Nobby – I’ll see if I can master my new scanner and submit some old phots.


Bob (wally) Workman|I was also on the Devonshire 66-68.I remember the boiler incident. I was I was on duty as a comms rating. It caused total mayhem. Alongapo was a good run ashore. Happy days.


Garry Hale|Had to trawl through the old documents to find out what I was doing all those years ago. I joined Devonshire as an Artificer Apprentice in April 65 and left her in September 68 as an ERA1. Discovered that Harry Pateman was not one to suffer fools lightly so was always happier when out watches didn’t coincide More good memories than bad though, certainly remember the boiler blowing up and the collision that removed a davit en route to the Baltic and Leningrad.|


Dave Cook|Great site well done. Really good to look through photos which evoke so many good memories and a lot of hard work.I was President of 1 Mess last commission the best commission in my 28 years service. Great ship, great guys.


Dave Cottam|Nice website , and memories from first ship after training (66 to 68). Leningrad and Far East a real experience & education .


Mark Caswell  AB(EW)|I served on the Dev from late 76 till pay off as my first ship I could not have had much better. I remember the photo of the gollies cause I was’nt on it. That sucked. Looking at the name of who’s posted messages bring back quite a few memories. I now live in Atlanta Ga. But used to live in W Palm Bch Fl. I wonder if Turley 2 & I ever crossed paths and never knew it!!!! I remember George Laybourne gave me my 1st 3 days 9’s cause I was stupid hope he’s doing OK. Would be nice to hear from Taff Cory If he remembers just who the hell I am!!!!


David Cook|Ref Jim Leone’s 23Jan04 – I wondered where that bloody ice bucket went !!!<br>Somewhere I have a sad picture of the final end of the Devonshire taken through the scope of HM S/M Sceptre – she was used to test, what was then, Marconis latest torpedo – Tigerfish I think. Very sad end of a great ship.


Ann Halliday|I have a photograph of the football team from the HMS Devonshire in 1935 when they won the Mediterranean cruisers boys football cup. My late uncle, Owen Patton was one of the team.<br>Unfortunately Owen missed the Devonshire on one sailing and was ordered to sail with HMS Hood, it was the Hood’s final voyage. I would like to have a copy of the photograph put on to your website but I do not have a scanner. if anyone is interested in seeing this picture could they contact me and I will try to sort out some way of getting it on to the web site.


George Laybourne|Sorry Mark C. but you can get your own back now I’m a gimp! Wonderful to see this website shipmates. Good luck and good health in all your lives.


Dan Jenkins|Served 1965-1966,enjoyed every second of it. From Naples to Tokyo, Bangkok to Sydney and finally to the former port of Leningrad. As a ‘golly’ shared the forward messdeck and boy did I get seasick. Remember the large HF transmitters, the painting of aerials and the superb food. Couldn’t ask for more.


Dave Meakins|Stand clear of aft intakes ‘K’genny about to be started!Halcyon Days 76 to the end.1mess great bunch great times


Paul Hurley|Served 1970/73 I/C Wardroom Bar! Crap branch. Hence permanent Landrover Driver and I/C Patrol when in harbour in such places as Ito, Perth and Hong Kong. Great ship, I even took Captain Sandfords wedding picks for him. I have photos of the ship after she was hit and prior to sinking if anyone wants a scan. (I was Lt(SCC)RNR after leaving).


Ian Miller|Have memories of being alongside at HMS Tamar on HMAS Yarra in 1964 when HMS Devonshire arrived in Hong Kong for the first time. Caught us napping – didn’t realise that she was a warship at first because she looked more like a passenger liner – except for the two twin 4.5 turrets.


Colin (Ginge) Carash MEM|Just having a look through various sites and come across this, Joined Devonshire 72 – 74 in Perth / Fremantle, Australia, had some wild times from then on, still good friends after 30 years with Dusty Miller, other stokers in mess at time, was Jock McCoogan, Buster Brown, Nino Crean, George mosley, Van der westhuisan and many more. I am sure some of you will remember me. Went to a couple of the reunions back in the 80`s / early 90`s organised by Charlie Moss, seemed to fizzle out after that when they changed the venue to Blackpool. Anyway if you want to get in touch


Deane Street|Served AB(R)76 – 78 great runs ashore especially Malta, Odessa in fact the whole Med during 76, Terry McDaid know you and Taff harding and Pete Radford. Anyone in touch with les keller, Dave Thorne. Great site I build them for a living. Got some good pics if anyone wants them. e mail rowdy yates|served on devonshire prior to de-commissioning. remember the brilliant happy times in the east coast side of the states. also remember dave meakins who has recently contributed. take care all. anyone who knows me


rowdy yates|served on devonshire prior to de-commissioning. remember the brilliant happy times in the east coast side of the states. also remember dave meakins who has recently contributed. take care all.


Maria Debono|My father Michael Debono (Tiger) served on the Devonshire 62-64. Being Maltese he was a cook (Officers Mess) I believe. After leaving the Navy he lived in Portsmouth until 1992. He is now living back on Gozo.



Dawn Wardell|My grandad William Wardell (Larry)served onboard 3/1946-11/1946. Would love to hear from anyone else around that time.He was from Birmingham.


Eddie (George) Dodd MEM (M)|Onboard 1972/1975 I remember Ginge Crash joining in Perth (where are you now?<br>I was at the re-union in Pompey and Blackpool both good runs

TAFF CARR|served on dev 74-76 if ex crew members remember MIDDLESBROUGH then you remember an accident down the greenis mess .Well thats me and i still take stick about it.


Ken Williams|The photo of the guy in drag on the page 3 of the photo section, circa 1971, was a guy called Stwd Powell of 3D mess and the then Commander gave him a box of chocolates ( and who knows what else)|


Peter McGrady|I joined the Devonshire prior to commissioning in 1992 at Cammell Lairds, Birkenhead. Remember going out to the States, – Norfolk Virginia, Washington. Philidelphia etc. I was LOEM in 2E8. Topsy Turner, John Catherwood. (They had a fearce fight in fwd heads one night) but remained good mates, think it was about a girl. <br>John was electrical, Topsy was a/b. <br>I remember the assault on the dhaighsa’s, that night in malta. We were on our way back to the ship after a heavy night out, Alan Jones, John Catherwood, Topsy me and a couple of others. A couple of the more foolish guys did some damage to some dhaighsa’s, (they were going to go back to UK in them if my memory serves me correctly) anyway, they couldn’t free them from their moorings so one of the bigger stronger boys attacked the prows of a couple of the boats and inflicted some damage. We all ended up in the dockyard cells overnight (even the innocent) and it was “off caps” the following afternoon, – stoppaqe of pay & leave, I don’t thinkwe got stoppage of tot though, and it put my killicks hook back quite a bit. It was a good commission, a good ship with a good crew. – I commissioned the Juno next from Southhampton, had some good times on her too. (before the Devonshire, I was on the Murray out of that bleak place down in Dorset. Weather was always rough. Best regards. Peter.|


Tiny Hurrell ’75-’78|I was a killick RP2 onboard during the above dates. Great to have found the site told of it by Pansy Potter.Anyone who remembers please get in touch at below e mail address. Would be interested in any further reunions.


Rex Ingram|I joined the devonshire in September 66 left her october 68 the last ship during my 26 years in the mob and the best of all. iwas the p.o. p.r.i on board i wonder if any of my crew are about, or any who knew me onboard would like to hear from them.


Kev Ring    aka dinger.|served twice in the seventies 1st & last ship. i remember the broom handle incident also one of the turlys frm mercs married a wren! she,s still here somewhere.


Paul Edwards|My grandfather Ed, (Edwin H. Edwards) has recently passed away aged 84. He served on the Dev 1939-46 ending as Chief Petty Officer. He often when pressed would tel me and my brother tales of the Artic runs to Murmansk in ’41 and later how he played golf near Columbo in Sri Lanka


Mrs. Patricia Lillie|I am the youngest daughter of Marine Albert Edward Streams A.M. of the 41 R.M. Commando. I was thankful to the Hole family to give me an insight into the tragic accident on 26th July 1929, which claimed so many lives. I never knew my father as I was only six weeks old when he was killed in action. I was so proud to know he was a hero and being awarded the Albert Medal for bravery in trying to save lives on this tragic day. I wonder if there is anyone who knew him is still with us.


Frank Mitchell|Any Royal Marine who served on the Bermuda cruise 1953/54 contact me via Ron Molyneux.E-mail, or my address 127 Sherwoods Lane, Aintree, Liverpool L9.<br>Ex Royal Marine.


Dave Posnett|Served onboard from 75 to 77. Best ship in the fleet at the time. Middlesborough and the Greenies mess brought back memories. Great site.


Ian (harry) Wragg|Joined Dev April 1964 as supersonic stoker, left August 66 LM(E) after Far East trip.<br>Great ship and company.<br>Joined Nukes till I left.<br>Spent years abroad in Africa and Middle East, Power Stations.<br>Currently Shift Engineer waste to energy plant Huddersfield.<br>Please contact at 07712 050655


Glynn (Bungy) Williams|I was on the Devonshire from 1970 to 1973 and she was the best ship I served on – ships company, runs ashore and the ship itself. I was a POREL at the time looking after the Seacat System. <br>Now working in electronics near Titchfield Hampshire
peter thompson|I served on the “three-funneled bastard” (as it was referred to in song)1949-50 doing Writers duties. Boss was Lieut. Glennie. Capn was St. John Cronin. Gunnery office Guerritz. Also Lt. Mark Tennyson (some relation of the poet’s). Cruised Scandinavia, Med and BWI. Saw the world on six shillings a day. Went to Canada in 1957 and to States in 1960. Now retired as a newspaper editor.


Eric Shoring |I also ” served ‘ very reluctantly on the ship in 1949 /50…….have lived in Canada since 1974……..I was called a signalman on the ‘Dev’ a position which has probably gone the way of the Dodo bird …..


Idris Jones (Taff of course!) REM (Then)|Join Dev in 1971 enjoyed my first ‘foreign’ on the 72-73 Far East trip. The newsletters on that trip brought back many memories. Especially ‘Bungy’ Williams who was my PO on the Seacat system, when I was probably worse than useless. Thankfully I got better and stayed in the Navy till 1984. I am now an IT trainer.
taffy rogers|i was on the dev 72/73 good tour far east. good site keep it up


Jim Grainger ( YOGI )|served on the old bucket between 76-78 when she was decommissioned.<br>was an REM in 3P Mess and worked on the old sea slug. system<br>anyone remember me please give me a call.


Mark Rummings|I beleive my Grandfather – William Jack Miles served on HMS Devonshire (C39)and believe his rank would have been Chief Electrical Artificer. Prior to this he records his ship as being HMS Leander in 1934.


BAZ LOMAS ( MEM)|Served on Dev 72-74,had a great time with “yorkie”preece,ken dodd,ginge carash,”bean boy joycey” & many others.Yes we did have reunions,maybe we could get to together in 2005.


Julian  Best.|I served on DEVONSHIRE from JAN’1952 util SEPT’1953. when they took her out of service and dumped us all on to Triumph, which took over the duties of Officer Cadet training, I served on TRIUMPH twelve months, so all together I did three W.INDIES cruises, three Scandinavian, and three MED; I was a Stoker on DEVONSHIRE. 24 MESS, and have many photos, I also have old newspaper cuttings of the Devonshires’ last days ,like when we disembarked , and of the ship being towed out of GUZZ to be scrapped. The DEVONSHIRE was my first sea going ship, and during the next twelve years I served on quite a few more ships, but I still say DEVONSHIRE was the best of them. Take care all of you.


Tom McOwat|I served on Devonshire during 1971-74 as a Cook. We all lived in 3D mess…an S&S swamp! full of fantastic guys. I was probably the youngest onboard being just 16, i played drums in the pop band along with Pete Wheeldon on Guitar, Spud Murphy vocals, and Kenny Rogers on Bass, we were lucky enough to have a couple of “Public “shows, particularly in Australia. I just left the Navy last year after 35 years, my last 10 years being in the Naval Careers Service. This site is excellent, i think the pics have affirmed my memories of a very happy time for me as a young matelot. How strange….as i sit here typing this, on my desk is a model of the ship, and wooden carvings i bought when the ship visited Bali and Mauritius. I hope some who read this remember me.


Ginge Carash|Just seen the message from Baz (shagger) Lomas, also the one from Doddy, all on board Devonshire 72 – 75, yes we had a couple of reunions in Pompy, late 80`s / early 90`s, then went pear shape I believe when it moved to Blackpool, would be good to have another one in Pompy. Doddy, in answer to your message, still in Swindon, Dusty Miller and myself still get together once or twice a year and talk most weeks, not bad after 30 years. Drop us a line if you want, colin.carash@ntlworld.com


Andrew Perkins|Just found this great site.I’m looking for anyone who remembers my late father Stuart”polly”Perkins.He was a steward on Devonshire from Jan’71 to Feb’72.would love to hear from anyone who remembers him,he loved his time on this ship.


John Cook|Ex LRO (T) 1976-1978<br>What a great site nearly as good as the ship.I organised a reunion in 2001 which was a great night.I have lots of details of Dev members, so if your stuck drop me an e-mail.I also have copies of the sinking of the Dev though the periscope which i shall get to Nobby.Regards to everyone, whos going to write the book on the Devonshire?


tony bathurst|Does any one remember my late father in law Jack Kershaw, he was a stoker( eventually becoming Petty Officer) on the Devonshire for 2 or 3 yrs during WW2, my wife would to hear of any memories you have


Joe Fraser|Looking for Dave (Butch) Butchers, ex Golly around 1978. attended my wedding and desperate to get in touch again 27 years on… hope someone can assist.. all the best<br>Joe Fraser …..|
taff harding|i have been found by the turley twins,great to hear all about the boys on devonshire,bungy williams,spinksy,deene street,ginge neal,ginge hill,jan hone and many more,what a great ships company and great memories


Ken Williams|Tom McOwat Your a name from the past. We were in the Main galley at the same time. remember me? Bungy Williams. How about John (Scruff) Carter now live in Orkney


Jack Bowler|Served on the Dev from 74-76 so when is the next re-union …should be at the Home Club in Pompey ‘cos that’s where we all served our time on her!


Alan Pickthorne AB (EW)|Served on Dev 1975 – 1977, 2E mess, On board for the med deployment and Odessa run. Remember Cagliari well, and the Fiat 500 that dumped in the harbour.


geoff ferguson|joined in singapore aug 72, had a great time in the far east, med, and two trips to the windies. am trying to track down jan alley, and ron swindells, any help would be much appreciated.


Wally Workman|I have today discovered that one of our shipmates from the 1966 – 1968<br>crew crossed the bar 26/8/2004 after a long illness. JRO John Smith he has hopefully found a safe an chorage.


Steve(Ginge )Neal|Great Site, i was on Dev form 75-77 but it was the best ship i was on. I remember many nights out on the town with Taff Harding, usually up Jo’s lots of other names like the Turley twins,Spinksy, Dean Street, The MED and Russia in 76 were good runs. Im still at sea have been in the Merch since the 80’s working on Cruise ships but thankfully i have my own cabin now and dont have to share with Sixty odd Geezers all the best everybodyhope life is treating you well.


Dennis Compton|Joined as a Junior Seaman, in 1964 left 1966. Devonshire was my first ship. Recently found a Commisioning book from that period whilst clearing out my fathers house.


Peter ‘Jumper’ Cross|I joined the Devonshire in 1977 for the fleet review. This was my first ship straight from training and was very daunting for a young lad of 17.


Bob (soapy) Watson|Just found web site brings back some good memories met quite a few of you in 2001 had an alternative run ashore ,I told buchanan we had no paint sold it all in malta to charlie zammit


Terry Campbell|Great site.Devonshire was my first and last ship.me and sticky glew joined on the same day or should i say night dec 21 1976.we spent our first few hours sitting down the MCR with the watch getting spun loads of dits.After getting breakfast we were sent home on leave for 2 weeks,came back to join the vent party,db tanky,aux mem steam plant,left dev joined subs(drafted)<br>redundant from mob 1994 now plumber great memories from devonshire days.


Liam (Mac) McGeevor|I was never on the Devonshire! My wee brother wouldn’t call me round, tight git!<br>Anyway to all the Gollies who remember me I was the intelligent good looking McGeevor who done all the Sea time, Nice to see some memorable names, particularly Taff Cory, a man responsible for many a good hangover on the Achilles!<br>God bless and good luck.


Terry Harris|I was on the first commission sat on my toolbox when she entered harbour in Pompey Autumn 1963.<br>I was in the weapons and radio mess together with Ted Bath, Mick Boynton, Bunny Warren, Alf Cranston, Stickey Leach and the Royals that we took to Philladelphia. I would be pleased to hear from anyone on that commission. R.E.M. Terry Harris.


Mark Brennan|With Devonshire from 70 – 72. Tom McOwatt, remember you very well, many a good run ashore with the band & the S & S mess. I’ve even got the photos to prove it, mainly from Singers & Hong Kong. Would love to hear from you or any others who remember me.


Karen|This is an enquiry from karen; <br> I am attempting to locate a crew picture of my father inlaw. He was on the HMS Devonshire, First Cruiser Squadron somewhere around 1929-1932. His name was Albert Edward (Eddie) BISHOP.<br> Thank you
dave mcilwham|Great site.. does anyone remember the trip out to the windies through that storm????us and the intrepid.<


Glenn Whicker|Just found site again served her fromm 1972 to 1975.join as a j/sea in HONG KONG.Still remember all good times,Best ship i had,had afew in 25 years. found site very good like to hear from any one who remembers me.


Ken Williams|Hi Mark Brennan, I remember you from 3D mess as I remember the rest of the mess. they were all a superb bunch and we had a great time on the good old Dev.


Mal Gilhespy|Learnt about the Devonshire site from the Navy News but they’ve made a c-up with the date of the reunion they have it down as 2005.Anyway hope to get there in 2006. I served on Devonshire from 66 – 68 as a killick stoker and coming from the north-east got the nickname george.I remember the incident well of the boiler blowing up in Subic Bay George Crutwell was the POME on watch it was the morning watch I’d just had the middle. When asked what happened his reply was it just went vadumph and all the gauges went back to zero.Of coarse it was the early stages of auto controls and the POME just sat in the control room.


Graham Horner|Served on Devonshire 61/64 standing by her at Cammell Lairds in Birkenhead. Joined as AB (QA1).Capt of B/Turret worked in Weapons dept. then Seamans dept. Cant be many of us left from that commission enjoyed the first reunion at Pompey with John McGann(POME)Ben Gage(POME) and one or 2 others. Looking forward to the next one in 2006?


Joined Devonshire Flight at RNAS PORTLAND (yes I’m a wafoo) 03/03/1973 as POEL(A) and was recated to POEL(AW) in Nov 73 Left Devonshire 03/02/74. (who said wafoo’s don’t do sea time)I was known as ‘Martin Luther’ and a member of 5 mess.


Ted Jones|I was the Radio Supervisor for the last commission 76/78 and lived in no 5 PO’s mess. I enjoyed the re-union at the Home Club in 2001 arranged by John Cook and hope to attend the next one in 2006.<br>I have just read the guest book entries from the Turley brothers, I remember accompanying the OOD on evening rounds down their mess only to find the pair of them with half ping pong balls covering their eyes pretending to be Grasshopper from the TV series,they also attended punishment musters by standing in for each other so that the one who was under pun got a run ashore…I could never tell them apart. It was a very happy ship under Capt Buchanan, we were all sorry to see it sunk as a target. I went onboard in Pompey dockyard just before it was towed away for the last time and got a few momentos from 5 mess and a couple of tallies from the comms operating positions on the Bridge. I still work with Dave Prince ,the Chief Yeoman, up in the semaphore tower in the dockyard,<br>we also had CRS John Fawcett and the SCO Lt Cdr Maurice Cahill working with us for a few years. Am glad to hear that George Layboune the CRS(W) is still living at Widley, unfortunately my good friend and run ashore oppo RS(W) Keith Bearcock passed away a few years ago. Best wishes to every one who remembers me…….


Colonel RJ McGarel-Groves|Dear Shipmate Rob, Thank you very much for your letter of l May enclosing the pages from the Devonshire web site, which I found most interesting. I am trying to put together an account of the Dakar operation of 1940 and the sinking of the German raider Atlantis in 1941 in case these are not already on your web site. In the mean time I enclose a photocopy of a letter I wrote on the turret explosion in 1929.<br>Does your Association have access to copies of the cruiser ship crest and a tie with this crest? If so I would like to buy these. All best wishes. Yours sincerelyRJ McGarel-GrovesThe copy of Colonel M-Gs letter can be found under:Your Contributions..Volos Cemetery.



Terry Harris|Iwas in the W/R Dept in 3P19 mess.Joined 1963 Was chased around B gundeck together with TopCat one night in Pompey by the Joss.Run ashore in San Juan when Jake had to defend us in a Spanish Court. One very enjoyable commission. Who remembers Campo Allegro in Curacao. Freedom of the City in Philladelphia and in Oslo. Seem to remember two stokers on a tandem. Wonderful Memories


Des Briggs|Joined Devonshire as Junior Stoker July 66 to 3Q stokers mess from training with Brum Wilson, Tony Mosley, John Hogan, Jack Whitehead, Geoff Chaney, Sprotty etc. Enjoyed it that much stayed for 2 years. Chief Stoker Ivor Burke, Mal Gilhespy, Micky Baird, Acker Hawksworth, Dixie Dean (A big thanks to him), Taff Preece, Jacko Jackson (The shit kicker kid), Bob Shirley, Bagsy Baker (Joined Police). Boiler casing blew up in Portsmouth pre Lenningrad, hit tanker at Keel, scrapped bottom at Helsinki, Other Boiler blew up Subic Bay. Great commission and great memories especially of the Far East. Had too many meetings for’d with the Joss Wilkinson, Lreg Colin Rogers (Screaming Skull) and Cdr Snell. Couldn’t beat them so joined them and enjoyed another 33 years in the RN. Great website, well done.


Tony|I am writing to inform any shipmates of the sad passing of my step father C. P.O Sidney Francis Liddle from Newcastle who served on the Devonshire in the 1970’s and left the ship following a car accident at Banbury. My father was a stoker. I would be grateful if anyone had a ships company photo or any info about my dads time on Devonshire.


Mick. Rooney|A very interesting site,My father J57105 Michael Rooney AB was a No2 on “A” turret on the Devonshire May 1939 to June 1945. I found the history of the ship really worth reading, Thanks. Could his name be added to the ships company?


Rob Wright (Shiner)|great site nobby. baby ro in 76 through to decom some names faces and stories spring back to mind. on the comms picture is rs jones, bungy williams, shiner wright and topsy turner. have been in touch with shagga waite hope to be at the reunion.


Ted (Bungy) Williams|Kirk by name TED by nature, according to LRO John Cook. I am in the Comms picture with ‘Shiner’ Wright. Shagga Waite told me about the reunion next year, will be up for it. Went to the last one organised by Cooky a few years ago. JC…If you see this, leave me a message on how to contact you. Regards Ted.