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Hi Robbie!
Thanks for posting the dit – it’ll be interesting to see if anyone picks up on this.
Now then, When I was in Gus, a sprog straight out of the box and just slightly under age, we headed to the Home Club (as you so, obviously), which having found on ‘Streetview’ I cant decide whether its still open or not – I think probably not as it looks decidedly quiet.  The Avondale is still there opposite St Levens gate (forgive me for mixing the name of the gate up with the pub in my previous), but look at the state of the info board to the left of the blue gate – it is depressing that they’ve let standards drop – I guess its all run by civvies now who dont give a toss.  Ive half a mind to grab a scotchbrite and a bucket and go and clean the green shite off it – but as I live in the Highlands, thats not going to happen.
Anyway, Guz…The Two Trees (open), Prince Regent (changed beyond recognition) and the Long Bar (couldnt find it), Lord High Admiral (open), Ace of Clubs on the Quad (gone)  struggling to remember names of others so some proding from anyone else would be good.
Pompey… by this time, I was a confirmed piss head having turned 18 and just got an 18 month draft to nelson – my first shore base proper (1980).  Between sweating it out up the main galley and buggering off to the new found freedom of pub life, i discovered the Portsmouth Guild Hall and became a bit of a metal head and went to regular performances from UFO, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Girls School, Hawkwind, MSG, etc, etc….  The reggies werent keen on my attire and kept huckling me at the main gate to go back and get changed into something that they’d allow past the guardhouse.  I felt a bit of a tosser going to see Motorhead in a pair of Chino’s and a Fred Perry shirt – but hey-ho, after 16 pints and a kebab, who gives a toss.  I hooked up with my elder brother Stevie (AB Bendy) who was on the Ramehead doing jack shite pretending to be a QM at the time and had some really good runs ashore.  Mighty Fine – City Arms – Black Knight (until I realised it was a gay pub), the Pear Tree wine bar (Gone) was a hoot on a Sunday (I had many a hangover from sampling the home made wine concoctions they had behind the bar…).  The Air Balloon (at least the building is still there).  Oh, and lest I forget… Jo Spanners down Southsea (boarded up) and The Beastie Bar Bistro (cant find it) and many many more……
Rosythe… The Palace – buggered if I can remember any more – usually just the Palace and Cochrane Bop (which was shite anyway).  Cochrane has been deleted as well – all I can see is a car park.  And Inverqueerthing, and Dumphs….
Ive checked out the good pub guide which doesnt help fill in blanks of pubs that were there but not now, so I guess its over to anyone out there to chip in.  It would be interesting to see a list of haunts and dits from them for each of the main dockyards – think I might work on that.
Oh by the way – Ive been trying to track down a wee shit of a Steward by the name of Harvey Moon from Sunderland who used to constantly wind me up and take the piss, on the Alderney about 1984 ish – if anyone knows his whereabouts could they give him a prod to get in touch?  Or, anyone else who knows me, feel free to drop me an email (can be contacted via this web site)
Pull up a bollard and tell me a dit, and keep those lanterns swinging…..
Cheers shippers!
PS….Just noticed I made another errrr…. I meant the Royal Fleet Club – In Gus – the Home Club is in Pompey (which was a dive when I was there in the early 80’s so no doubt long gone…..

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