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XO’s Orders 1978

Personel Office
13 April 1978
At Sea


1. The following details are promulgated and will cover all the visits during the ships deployment. Only amendments to these details will appear in the visit XTM.
2. SHIPS ROUTINES A “Daily/Saturday/Sunday deployment routine” will be worked whenever the ship is in harbour. Based entirely on normal Daily/Saturday/Sunday Harbour routine, the only difference is the following:
ADDITIONS DAILY (Weekends included)
0615 Call duty part of seaman
0630-0745 Scrub and clean decks
0745 Duty part of seaman to breakfast
0830 Duty part of seaman to cooks of messes
0900 Duty part of seaman turn to by parts of ship
3. In harbour the ship will work a full daily routine on the day of arrival and make and mend routine thereafter. The exception will be WEST PALM BEACH. Due to maintenance requirements, full daily routine will be worked but there will also be facility given to those wishing to visit Disneyland, etc. (I think the XO meant Disneyworld, unless he thought we were in California. Thank Christ he was’nt the ships navigator!)
4. In view of ETA’s (see para 15) the first day in is likely to be a long day. Secure, may, on certain occasions, be earlier but this obviously depends on work requirements.
5. Night Leave Watch and Part leave will be granted in whenever in harbour except:-
• When at anchor (Grand Cayman) when watch leave only will be granted.
• Whenever the ship is open to visitors on such occasions members of the non duty part of the duty watch will be required until open to visitors is complete.
6. Leave will be as follows:
SR’s JR’s Juniors
Daily deployment 1610-0750 1620-0745 1620-0100
Saturday deployment 1210-0750 1220-0745 1220-0100
Sunday deployment 1000-0750 1010-0745 1010-0100
7. Normal watchkeepers leave will be worked. ( always first ashore to test the beer, was the chefs)
8. Weekend and Long leave. Any long leave is to count as advanced General Service Leave. All bids for such leave should have already been made and only in exceptional circumstances will other bids be entertained.
9. Generally long weekend leave will not be grantedin accordance with normal practice when abroad. Only for specific reasons will this leave be granted and then with HOD permission only.
10. Normal short weekend leave will be granted.
11. Men remaining onboard at weekends will turn to as required by ships standing orders. (This means that all clean ship from 0830-0930) ( I assume this WILL include the Wardroom & Senior rates!)
12. DRESS:-
• Onboard
Entering Harbour No. 10’s
Dutymen No. 10’s optional half blues after 1800.
Gangway staff No. 10’s except when No 7’s required for ceremonial
occassions. Half blues from 1800. (No 7’s during official
receptions) ( Wardroom cocktail parties…to me and  you!)
Night clothing No 10’s or half blues

• Ashore
Normal leave. SR’s Plain clothes or uniform (see para 14)
(including tours) JR’s – in Guadaloupe, Antigua and Grand Cayman – uniform
until 1800 then plain clothes – in RR, St Croix and the US –
plain clothes or uniform (see para 14)
Banyan leave. Banyan rig but only on direct route from ship to and from
Sports leave. Sports rig onlyto and from Sports field.
Patrols. No 10’s until 1800 then half blues. White webbing and arm
bands. (and beer money!)

13. Note that TEE shirts are not allowed as dress for for normal leave. You are recommended to wear long sleeved shirts in the evening. It can be cool and some hotels, etc. Will not allow short sleeve shirts.
14. Also note that experience indicates that uniform ashore has very many advantages. You are much more likely to get a “grippo” if you wear uniform rather than plain clothes. Rig is No 10’s (until 1800), half blues (from 1800) or No 6’s (negative tunic) throughout.
15. Times of Arrival/Departure. In most ports this is 0700. The reason is that at 0700 there is normally no wind but by 0900 it may well be 20 kts. Berthing is therefore easier at the earlier hour, especially as some islands do not have tugs. ( by 0900 all the Officers are up and out of their pits, hence the inrease in wind!)
16. Duty personnel. The following additional duty personnel will be required in all ports:-
• Duty CPO (except RR and Guadaloupe)
• Side boy (from the Duty Part for the full 24 hours).
17. The duty armaments Senior Rate is to be available to assist the Duty Petty Officer in the
Latters duties if required.
18. Boats. Boats will be lowered in all ports (except RR) before arrival. Which boats will depend upon which side too and official requirements whilst in port. ALL bookings for ALL boats
(except Gemini) are to be made through the boats officer. Normally two motor boats and the four Bosuns will be available for Banyans, expeds etc.
19. Landrover . Under only the most exceptional circumstances may anyone other than the 6 official landrover drivers, drive the vehicle. ALL bookings are to made through the Transport Officer or, in his absence the OOD. It may be used for any activity/task, transporting sports teams to and from matches and for transporting Bar-B Q equipment to a beach. It may not be used for taking the ships coy ashore on leave or to a Bar-B Q (other than those who can fit into the Landrover with the equipment. ( I recall the day that myself and the PTI took the Landrover to the airport in Antigua to collect stores. We returned some 9 hours later, skimmished and no stores! But I did welcome Sophia Loren to the island and gave her a kiss! Unlike others, Commander (S) did not see the funny side of it!)
20. Awnings. B Gundeck awning with ceremonial awnings and both waste awnings will be rigged on arrival in all ports. It is planned to rig A Gundeck and Forecastle awning in all ports except Guadaloupe and Charleston. Side screens will not normally be rigged. (they call them Cocktail tents now, cos that was what they were rigged for, Wardroom piss ups!)
21. Rat Guards. Are to be rigged in all ports. (This might stop rats but it did not stop some lads sneaking back onboard when they were adrift!)
22. Flood lighting . The ship will normally floodlight in all ports though final decision will be made on arrival.
23. US Regulations. The visited States have very strict regulations concerning gash and food stuffs. Whilst in RR, St Croix, West Palm Beach and Charleston, food is NOT to be taken ashore. Concerning gash, the following rules apply. It is:-
1. Never to be ditched in harbours.
2. Food gash is to be placed in separate SEALED BAGS and ditched into small incinerators (green cookers)
3. All other gash is to be placed in bags prior to placing in SKIPS. ( this is so that the drunken sailor can have a nice soft bed to lay on when he can’t quite make it back onboard!)

24. Firearms, Knives, Swords, Spearguns etc. These are not to be brought onboard without prior permission of the XO. If permission is granted, it is to be given to the OOD on arrival who will stow it in the small arms magazine. (errrrr, wot about my Sherman tank?)
25. Visitors Firearms. All visitors firearms are to be deposited with the OOD. ( does that include O J Simpson? Who was to visit the ship with film star James Coburn in Antigua)



Note RR = Roosevelt Roads;-
Over the years, Roosevelt Roads (Puerto Rico) US Naval Station, or Roosey (pronounced “Rosy”) as it was frequently called, was home to hundreds of US military personnel and dependents.

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